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Boomers are Punk too

Men's Three Strap Genuine Black Leather Cuff

Men's Three Strap Genuine Black Leather Cuff

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Some accessories come and go with the seasons, but a leather cuff is forever. Once you slip it on, the rich black leather will mold to your wrist for a custom fit and only get better with age. This handcrafted leather bracelet is made to last, just like your rebellious spirit. Three straps of genuine leather together and finished with silver rivets for a rugged yet refined look that epitomizes rock and roll fashion. Whether you're throwing up your horns at a concert, riding your Harley into the sunset or just navigating the daily grind, this cuff bracelet broadcasts an attitude as enduring as leather itself. Pair it with your everyday uniform of well-worn denim and faded tees or a tailored jacket for a touch of rocker edge. However you wear it, this cuff adds instant cred to any look. Its timeless design means you'll still be wearing it decades from now when "punk" is in the dictionary next to your photo. After all, being a rebel is a way of life, so you might as well look the part with leather and silver by your side.

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