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Boomers are Punk too

Punk Style Rib Cage Denim Battle Jacket Vest

Punk Style Rib Cage Denim Battle Jacket Vest

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UPDATED DESIGN! PLEASE READ! Due to the costs of production I’m now offering the skull buttons (pictured) as an optional feature on the jacket for an upgraded price. Otherwise the jacket will come with standard jean jacket buttons.

Denim's never going out of style and this punk rock denim vest is ready to bring the attitude. Rebel style is forever, and this denim vest is its uniform. With rib cage patches, studs and distressed details for a devil-may-care vibe, this punk-inspired piece unleashes your inner rocker. Its blue wash is faded just so for a lived-in look that you’ll want to live in. More studs, patches, pins—the possibilities for customization are endless. Slip it on over a vintage band tee or corset top, add some leather and lace accents, and get ready to stand out in a sea of conformity. You’ll be singing along to The Clash and dreaming of CBGBs. Forget following the rules—this vest was made for marching to the beat of your own drum, no matter what anyone else thinks. After all, punk fashion is all about attitude—and honey, you’ve got it. Make a statement and let your freak flag fly in this rebellious, rib cage vest. Are you ready to rock? This vest sure is. Now all it needs is you.

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