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Blinged Punk Princess Black Widow Vest

Blinged Punk Princess Black Widow Vest

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Unleash your inner punk princess in this rebellious vest that’s all about attitude. Featuring a venomous Black Widow patch and silver studs to make any rocker swoon, this vest is a total knockout. Slip it on over a distressed tee or top and watch heads turn. After all, real punks don’t care what people think—and in this vest, you’ll feel fearless, fierce and ready to conquer the world. Or at least the mosh pit. Pair it with leather pants or a plaid mini skirt, and you’ll be the most badass babe in the scene. Forget dainty, this vest is for punks who like their fashion loud, their music louder and their style unapologetically in-your-face. If “pretty in pink” isn’t your thing, you’ve met your match. The only question is: are you bold enough to handle all this punk perfection? We dare you.

Some of the features include: a comfy stretch denim jacket, two corseted eyelet strips on the front, signature number 13 patch on the collar, two spiked shoulder pieces with snaps, two removable chains, larger silver eyelets lining the bottom of the jacket, silver studs on the back, a killer blinged out spiderweb and black widow patch, and straight outta hell upper back patch. And, there's plenty of room to add your own favorite patches if you choose!

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