Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding my products, materials used, sizing charts, customizing, garment care and return/refund policies. Hopefully you'll get an answer here but if you'd like, feel free to shoot me a message through the chat button or my contact form.


How long will it take to receive my item once I've made a purchase?

Answer: On average, for jackets and jeans it takes approximately 2-4 days to make your items as everything I sell is handmade, that's from the time you place your order until it's shipped. You will get a notice via email with a tracking number provided once your item is shipped. Packages are sent USPS and usually arrive to your address in approximately 2-3 business days using priority mail.You can also view my shipping policy here.


 Can my item(s) be customized to my preference?

Answer: Absolutely! I can alter some elements of a jacket or jeans as you want, be it adding or subtracting elements. I've done several customized versions of my pieces for people. *Please keep in mind though that customized (for you) pieces are not returnable/refundable purchases.


Do you have a sizing chart? If so, what countries sizing do you offer?

Answer: I use common US sizing charts for both men and women's jackets and jeans. While i realize every manufacturer/Retailer's items seem to fit a little differently, (I try to minimize that issue by purchasing new jeans and jackets from the same supplier.)You can find the sizing charts here or if you have further questions on sizing don't hesitate to contact me here with your questions and I'll get back to you asap!


How do I care for my item / garments?

Answer:Most of the materials I use in my pieces are denim. Some have genuine leather elements attached to them and the patches are painted using a washable fabric paint.

If the item you purchased has just denim / paint / and metal studs on it you can simple turn them inside out (preferably in a small mesh laundry bag) and wash on a gentle cycle then hang dry it.

If the item you purchased has all of the above mentioned but has leather element(s) attached, it's recommended to hand/spot clean areas of your garment with a mild detergent and hang dry it.